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7 Front Door Styles That Are Screaming Luxury

You know how they say you never get a second chance to make a first impression? 

Well, let me tell you, that’s not just for job interviews or first dates. It’s true for your home too. 

Think about it. What’s the first thing that greets you and your guests? It’s not your designer sofa or that fancy painting in the living room. It’s your front door.

That’s exactly why your front door should not only be functional. It should also be stylish and welcoming. 

Yes, we’re talking about investing in a high-quality front door. 

Oh, and don’t worry, we’re not talking about gold-plated doors or anything that screams ‘over the top’. We’re referring to front door styles that blend elegance with personality, turning your entrance into a statement piece.

So, if you’re looking for a new or replacement front door, you’re in the right spot. 

There are tons of front door options in the market. That’s mainly because demand for front doors grew by 8% between 2020 and 2021. 

But the real question is – how do you choose the perfect front door that will blend with your home’s architecture?

We’ll answer that by giving you the hottest front door styles, so you can see how they can jazz up your home.

front door styles

  1. Modern front door

So, you’re thinking about modern front doors. And why not? They’re the face of your home in this fast-paced, modern world. 

First, let’s talk design. Modern front doors are all about clean lines and minimal fuss. It’s a look that says, ‘I’m sophisticated’, without trying too hard. 

You’ll find them blending materials in ways that are both innovative and eye-catching. A bit of glass here, maybe some metal accents there, and sometimes, a splash of bold colour to really stand out.

But it’s not just about looks. These doors come with the kind of functionality that makes life easier. 

We’re talking about features like smart locks – no more fumbling for keys when your hands are full. And then there’s the durability. These doors are built to last, ready to stand up to whatever life throws at them.

And remember, choosing a modern front door is more than just picking a style. It’s about making a statement. It’s like saying, ‘Yes, my home is up to date, and so am I.’ 

  1. Modern farmhouse front door

Looking for the child of rustic and modern? That’s modern farmhouse front door. 

This style is like a breath of fresh country air, but with a twist of modern sophistication. It’s where the charm of the old world meets the sleekness of the new.

A modern farmhouse front door got that rustic wood look, maybe with some glass panels to keep it fresh and airy. 

It’s all about striking a balance – the warmth and welcoming feel of a farmhouse, combined with the clean lines and simplicity of modern design.

But what really sets these doors apart? 

It’s their ability to blend in with both rural and urban settings. They have this unique quality of looking just as at home in a countryside cottage as they do in a city dwelling. 

And let’s not forget the colour choices. From classic whites and greys to bold blues or greens, these doors can adapt to your personal style while maintaining their rustic charm.

  1. Wood paneled front door

Time to talk about wood paneled front doors

These doors bring a sense of solidity and tradition to the forefront of your home.

And the great thing? They come in various designs. From the minimalist, clean-lined panels that suit the modern aesthetic to the more ornate, detailed ones that hark back to a more traditional era.

But here’s the kicker – despite their traditional roots, these doors fit seamlessly into almost any home style. 

They’re like the chameleon of doors, adapting and enhancing whatever they’re paired with. 

And let’s not forget the colour possibilities. Whether it’s stained to highlight the natural wood or painted in a colour that pops, these doors can adapt to your personal taste.

  1. Craftsman front door

A craftsman front door isn’t just any door; it’s a piece of architectural history that’s found its way into the modern era. 

Craftsman doors are like the well-thought-out plots of classic novels – they have depth and character. 

Typically made of wood, these doors often feature glass panes, sometimes with stained glass, and are adorned with intricate details. They’re robust and sturdy, yet there’s an undeniable elegance to them.

What really sets these doors apart is their ability to blend seamlessly with various architectural styles. Whether your home is a quaint bungalow or a new-build with traditional touches, a craftsman door can elevate its aesthetic appeal.

And the colours? They tend to stick to earthy tones – think deep reds, greens, and browns – that enhance their natural wood charm. So, when you’re sifting through front door styles, consider the craftsman door. It’s not just an entryway; it’s a testament to timeless design and skilled artistry.

  1. Traditional front door with side glass

Let’s pause for a moment and appreciate the traditional front door, but with a twist – side glass. 

These doors have all the hallmarks of traditional design – sturdy wood, elegant paneling, and maybe a touch of ornate detailing. 

But then, along come the side glass panels, and suddenly, it’s not just a door anymore. It’s a luxury statement. 

The glass lets in light, making your entrance feel more open, more welcoming.

And it’s not just about letting in sunlight. 

These glass panels can be as simple or as fancy as you like. Frosted glass for a bit of privacy? Stained glass for a splash of colour? The choice is yours. 

Having this type of front door like accessorising a classic outfit – the basics are good, but it’s the details that make it shine.

  1. Arch top front door

Arch top front doors aren’t your run-of-the-mill, straight-edged doors. 

They come with a curve – a graceful arch that adds a touch of elegance and a bit of architectural interest to your home’s facade.

An arch top door is like a well-arched eyebrow; it adds character and a sense of style. 

These doors have a way of making an entrance feel grand, yet approachable.

And the variety? You’ve got options. From solid wood that offers a rich, traditional look to combinations with glass panels that let in light and add a modern twist. 

It’s about finding the right balance that complements your home and reflects your style.

  1. Decorative front door with glass

Let’s take a peek at decorative front doors with glass. It’s where elegance isn’t just seen; it’s literally illuminated. 

These aren’t just doors; they’re like the centrepiece of your home’s appeal, a fine blend of art and functionality.

The glass in these doors isn’t just about peeping through to the other side; it’s about adding a dimension of beauty and light. 

From intricately designed stained glass that casts colourful shadows to elegantly frosted glass that offers privacy while still letting in light, the options are as varied as they are stunning.

And the frames? They can range from classic wood that offers a warm welcome to sleek metal for that modern edge. It’s like dressing your home in its Sunday best every day of the week.

So, when considering front door styles, think about the decorative doors with glass. They don’t just open up your home; they open up a world of aesthetic possibilities, making your entrance not just a passageway, but a showcase of your personal style.

Now, let’s dive right into the different kinds of front door materials that you can choose from. 

Material matters – especially with front doors

Choosing the right material for your front door will set the tone for your entire house.


First up, wood. It’s the classic choice, right? 

Wooden doors aren’t just popular because they look great; they’ve got a certain warmth and charm. But remember, they need a bit of TLC to keep them looking sharp.


Then there’s steel. If you’re after durability and security, steel is your go-to. 

Plus, modern steel doors can be surprisingly stylish. They’re like the strong, silent type that also cleans up nice.


How about glass? Glass doors are all about making a statement. 

They let in the light, creating a welcoming, airy feel. But it’s not all about being transparent; you can go for frosted or stained glass for a bit more privacy.


And don’t forget the more unconventional materials like fiberglass or even composite materials. 

These are the newcomers on the block, offering durability and a modern twist.

Each material has its own story, its own vibe. So, when you’re thinking about front door styles, consider not just the look, but also the message you want your door to send.

Dressing up your door

Now, let’s chat about the cherry on top for your front door styles – the finishing touches.

Door handles

Firstly, door handles. They’re not just about function; they’re a key part of your door’s personality. 

You can go sleek and modern, or maybe something ornate for a classic look. It’s like choosing the right tie for your suit – it pulls the whole look together.

Door knockers

Then there are the door knockers. Want to add a bit of character? 

A unique door knocker can be a conversation starter. It’s like your door saying ‘hello’ in its own style.

Light accessories

Don’t forget about the lighting. The right lighting can turn your front door into a welcoming space. 

It’s all about setting the mood – soft, warm lighting invites people in, giving them a sneak peek of the warmth inside.

House numbers

House numbers, too, play a big part. They’re practical, sure, but they also add to the aesthetic. 

Big, bold numbers? Subtle, stylish ones? It’s up to you.

Remember, these accessories are your chance to stamp a bit of your personality onto your front door. So, when you’re thinking about front door styles, don’t just stop at the door. The right finishing touches can take it from good to great.

Choosing the right front door

Your front door is not merely a functional component; it’s a statement that shapes your home’s first impression. 

Whether you favor the sleek modernity of a modern front door, the rustic allure of a modern farmhouse style, the timeless appeal of wood-paneled doors, the craftsmanship of a craftsman front door, the luxury of a traditional door with side glass, the elegance of an arch top door, or the artful beauty of decorative doors with glass, each style imparts a distinct personality to your entrance. 

Material choices, from classic wood to robust steel, airy glass, and innovative fiberglass, allow you to convey a specific message. 

Finishing touches like door handles, knockers, lighting, and house numbers provide the opportunity to infuse your front door with personal flair, turning it into a warm and inviting introduction to your home. 

Choose wisely, as your front door is not just an entryway but a reflection of your style, making a lasting impression on visitors.