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Reach out to our service team

If you’re a current customer of Abodian and have an issue with one of our products please complete this form and someone from our service team will reach out.

Our cabinets are locally made in beautiful B.C Canada. Cabinets are delicate and take expert craftsmanship to look how customers want. That’s why we control production and minimize errors. We have always been proud cabinet builders because to us, quality is everything.

Yes, if you do not have a scheduled installer that you usually work with we are happy to offer in house services for whatever installation needs are required. 

Delivery is usually around four weeks but can either be shorter or longer based on order specifics. 

Yes, we do have a warranty that is flexible and fair for our customers. Although, with our attention to detail and meticulous planning. We can almost guarantee that a warranty will be the last of your concerns.

We can incorporate almost any type of hardware into our cabinets. Let us know what you are looking for and we can ensure you will be pleased with the end result.

Upload picture(s) of related issue
Upload picture(s) of related issue