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What are French Doors? 3 Major Ways It Can Increase Home Value

So, you’ve seen those big doors with loads of glass in magazines and on Pinterest, right? 

Those are French doors, and they’re kind of a big deal in the home design game. 

If you’re wondering ‘what are French doors’ and why everyone loves them, you’ve come to the right spot.

French doors are not just aesthetically pleasing – they can actually increase your property’s value. Plus, they let in all that nice sunshine, making your place warm and welcoming. 

But more than these nice features, let’s jump in and see how these doors can make a big difference to your property value.

Beyond an elegant entrance, what are French doors?

Aesthetics, functionality, and luxury – you get all these with French doors.

The design is straightforward but stylish. Two hinged doors swing from the center. They provide an entryway and a wide view.

They’re special because they’re not just regular doors – they have their own style.

Each door is like a mirror image of the other, and they open from the middle. They’re really good at making your home feel warm and welcoming. 

You can open them to go outside as a stylish front door or an interior door that opens into a different part of the house.

French doors are nothing without glass. A French door usually comes with lots of small windows or one big piece. 

This glass is fitted into a frame, which could be wood, metal, or plastic, called uPVC.

The point is, they let in a lot of natural light which makes it a favorite among homeowners. 

In fact, based on a recent study by Nationwide Research, the future outlook for the French door market remains positive. 

This optimism is driven by a growing appetite for energy-efficient doors – which means these glassy doors are not just a trend, but a smart choice looking forward.

1. A doorway to style, space, and sunlight

Ever walked into a room and felt like it was hugging you with sunlight? That’s the magic of French doors. 

These doors bring a slice of the great outdoors right into your living room, without the mud or bugs. 

Let’s break down just how these glass panes can work wonders in your home.

A “bright” idea for your home

Remember those dark corners of your home where even plants don’t survive? Well, with French doors, that’s old news. 

These doors are like a VIP pass for daylight, inviting it to barge right in and light up the place. This style of door is perfect for areas in the home that will look and function better with sunlight, like the kitchen or the living room. 

So if you consider yourself a green thumb or are looking to start sprucing up your place with plants, French doors can be a great addition. You get a home that’s not just brighter, but one that feels alive, vibrant, and oh-so-welcoming. 

Gives any room a grand illusion

And here’s a trick – French doors are like the Houdini of home design. They make walls disappear, at least to the eye, suggesting more room than you actually have. It’s the glass effect. 

It tricks your eyes into thinking your living space stretches out into the garden or the next room. Suddenly, your cozy lounge feels like a grand hall. 

Bring the outside in

By the way, if you like the idea of a home that blends well with nature, French doors are your answer. 

They create a smooth runway from your indoor sanctuary to the outdoors, blurring the lines between your nest and nature. 

Perfect for those summer barbecues or just to step out and feel the morning dew beneath your feet. 

With French doors, it’s like your home breathes in sync with the seasons. 

Beat the chill without the bill

You might not think it, but those big glass panels can help keep your energy bills down. 

Modern French doors come with double, even triple-glazed options that trap heat during those chilly winter days. 

And when the sun’s out, they let all that natural warmth flood in, giving your radiators a bit of a break.

Luxury meets security

Now, you might be pondering: all that glass, is it safe? 

Well, today’s French doors can come equipped with toughened glass and multi-point locking systems that make them as secure as Fort Knox. 

You get the beauty of the design with the peace of mind that your home is a fortress against uninvited guests.

It’s your noise-canceling ally

And here’s a lovely little bonus — French doors can help dial down the decibels. 

Whether it’s traffic noise or the neighbor’s endlessly barking dog, the right glass can buffer your home from the racket. So you can enjoy that much-needed quiet time by the window without the soundtrack of the outside world. 

French doors don’t just look the part; they bring their A-game to help increase your property’s value. 

2. An entrance that’s all “YOU”

With French doors, you’re not just buying a door straight off the rack; you’re doing a bit of customization for your home. 

Let’s talk about how you can put your personality on these glass doors and make them truly yours.

Choose your charm – French doors in wood, metal, or uPVC

You’ve got options. Wood brings that warm, classic vibe, and it’s like the comfort food of door materials – always hits the right spot. 

Then there’s metal: sleek, sturdy, and says you mean business. 

Or if you’re going for the low-maintenance life, uPVC is your mate: it doesn’t fade, warp, or seem to age. 

Each choice sets the tone for your home’s personality.

Dress them up in colors that speak to you

And color? That’s where the fun begins. 

Staining wood can give you that rich, deep hue, perfect if you want your doors to reflect your style and personality. 

Paint, though, is where your spirit can run wild. Fancy a pop of color? Maybe something that whispers ‘serenity’? Go for it — it can totally transform how it feels.

Custom hardware for French doors – the finishing touch

Finally, don’t forget the bling for your doors – the hardware. Handles, locks, and hinges. 

These aren’t just functional; they’re the accessories that can elevate your French doors from looking just ‘nice’ to ‘where did you get those?’. 

Go vintage for character, chrome for modern vibes, or brass for a bit of old-school luxe. It’s all in the details, and this, my dear reader, is where your French doors can truly shine.

An investment worth making — how French doors can pay you back

When it comes to home improvements, the wallet often has a big say. And with French doors, it’s no different. 

Let’s break down all the possible expenses, and how these glassy doors might just pay you back over time and increase the value of your property.

The prices, from basic to bespoke

When it comes to French doors, price tags can vary as wildly.

Basic models might be kind to your purse, but if you’re eyeing up those swanky, energy-efficient, or custom-designed ones, think more along the lines of a premium. 

We’re talking a spectrum here, from a few hundred bucks for off-the-shelf varieties to a few thousand for the bespoke, top-of-the-range types.

Energy-saving rebates of French doors

French doors can be fancy, but it’s not just about the upfront costs. These doors can be savvy savers in disguise. 

Go for energy-efficient glass, and you might see your heating bills take a dip. French doors can help keep your home snug and warm. 

A durable, quality door can boost a home’s ability to conserve energy. A recent study indicates that doors and windows combined can be responsible for about 20 to 30% of the total heat that a house loses.

Plus, with energy prices doing their own thing – usually going up – this could be a smart move.

Adding a touch of luxury for future value

Lastly, let’s talk about the long game. Good-quality French doors can be like a good wine – they potentially add value as they ‘age’. 

If you ever decide to sell, they could be a shiny point on your home’s CV, enticing buyers with their blend of form and function. 

It’s not a guarantee, but quite often, these doors can be a nod to a higher asking price, making them a great addition in more ways than one.

Making the decision: are French doors for you?

So, are French doors right for you? 

Think about how you feel with rooms drenched in natural light and an effortless connection between inside and outside. 

But there’s more to it. 

Consider the practical bits, too, like the cost and the cleaning routine. Are you okay with a bit more upkeep for that extra sparkle? 

If you’re nodding to the charm of sunny afternoons and seamless elegance, balanced with these practicalities, then French doors might just be your home’s biggest upgrade. 

They’re not just doors. They improve your home life with more brightness and style, while also increasing your property’s value. Now, who wouldn’t want that?